Check! See!

Thank you for accepting my invitation.
It's a sign. You will not be an exception but you let me into
the most intimate sphere of your life – to conversation about your health.
And not only a conversation.
To action.
I am sure that the moments of communing with our 'paintings'
will make your mind and heart  'read' colours in a different way
and see different worlds.
Aesthetic and intellectual inspirations of this exhibition
will lead you to discover who the author is and to the decision that:
'it's time to seriously examine your health'.
If you come to such decision and willingness
to act we will try to suggest where you can succeed.
Love your neighbour as yourself.
This is more than acquiescence.
This is an order.
I put particular emphasis on the second part of this sentence.
Full of hope that we are needed – I am with you.

August Kowalczyk
former prisoner of Auschwitz
concentration camp – no. 6804